Creating the perfect look for your event can be overwhelming and exhausting, but The Refinery has an award winning, nationally recognized, and fully accredited design team that will make decorating your event easier than you ever imagined. With years of experience and lead by The Refinery's parent company Fleur de Lis Events & Design,our design team can take your ideas and develop creative concepts that we can then use to polish, enhance, or completely transform the event spaces.


The Refinery's design team specialize in full floral and event design services. Whether you need linens and lighting, or personal flowers and grand centerpieces, The Refinery has a diverse range of decor and rental items to simply elevate or completely transform any event space with your event style. Each proposal is artfully designed with your requested colors and style/theme to achieve the overall desired look.


Below, by clicking on the various headings, you will find a list of commonly requested items along with starting cost and inspiration pictures. This will allow you to develop a starting budget and list of items you may need. While this is a standard list, more items are available, so just let us know if there is something you would like.


The best part of The Refinery providing the decor is there is no additional set up, break down, or service charges added to the decor. This will allow your budget to stretch further so that we can provide more options and create the event you have always desired. Plus, "if we provide it, we take care of it," so you will not have to set items up nor are you required to take them with you at the end of the event.


There is nothing too small or too large for our design team to handle, so once you have booked your event with The Refinery let us design the perfect atmosphere for your celebration. If you are ready to begin designing, email us to schedule your consultation!